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I came.
I saw.
I made it awkward.
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What Grad School Has Taught Me

What Grad School Has Taught Me


I've been in Grad school for almost two years and the countdown has officially begun. Two more classes and I'm freeeeee! Woohoo!

I'm beyond excited to finish and not drive two hours in traffic. Grad school has been a constant struggle balancing the long commute, classes, homework, family, friends, etc. How I've managed to maintain most of my sanity is surprising. Hah! What has helped me get through these past two years are naps, caffeine, Netflix, flash cards, hugs from my parents and a weird sense of humor (just to name a few!).

I've learned a lot these past two years both in my personal and professional life so I thought I would put together five little things to remember or practice while in school or in your daily life.

Here we go.. 

1. Take a nap every once in a while, you deserve it (as long as it's not the day before a big assignment is due and you haven't even read the directions, then you might need to wait on the nap. Lol!)

2. Practice self care. Whether it's a walk around your block, listening to music, or a bubble bath. Do it. You can't pour from an empty cup so take care of yourself first. 

3. Buy a planner and make it a habit. Write down due dates, assigned readings and important birthdays. Stay as organized as possible.  

4. Don't be too afraid of public speaking. Everyone hates it and no one will remember how you did except you (Let's face it.. they may not even be paying attention to you ha!) 

5. Be positive and take it easy on yourself. No ones perfect. If you don't do well, try again. Just be kind to yourself. 

So there you go... five little things to keep in mind that have helped me a great deal. Let me know what you think about my little reminders.

Have any of your own? Share them with me! I'd love to here them! 



Ps. Pinterest has the best grad school humor. Hope you enjoy my selection! :)