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I came.
I saw.
I made it awkward.
— Unknown
Big Sexy Love

Big Sexy Love

Big Sexy Love! 

Let me start by saying that Amazon has everything you can ever possibly want from handbags to mandala coloring books to pet supplies and of course books. 

Since finishing grad school, I feel less guilty for reading just for fun. I have been searching for a good book to kick start my new hobby. I wasn't actually searching for anything in particular so I started my search typing the words single women in the search engine. After reading countless of descriptions for self help books, none of which interested me, Big Sexy Love popped up. It was rated five stars and was recommended by numerous individuals. So I purchased the fictional novel and awaited its arrival. 

So what is Big Sexy Love all about? 

This novel is about Olive Brewster a routine oriented young adult who does not particularly enjoy spontaneity. She is completely content with her safe life minus the fact that her best friend is dying. At the spur of the moment, Olive travels from Manchester to New York fulfilling her best friend Birdies time sensitive wish to deliver a letter. Since Birdie cannot leave the hospital, she sends Olive on her first ever trip away from her home in search for Birdies Big Sexy Love Chuck.

The thing is... Chuck cannot be found anywhere. Olive makes it her mission to find this epic love for Birdie and to deliver the letter despite her concerns and fears. On this adventure, Olive has a few hilarious setbacks that will keep you enthralled and laughing until the very last page. 

This book had everything that I love.. Most importantly it had the perfect amount of romance (not too cheesy).

A must read! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(duh! hehe) You won't be disappointed.


Veronica Leilani


A Discovery of Witches

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