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Top three favorite things to do in Cabo

Top three favorite things to do in Cabo

When my friends and I went to Cabo in July for birthday celebrations, we did not have an idea of what we wanted to do. We did not pre order any excursions or even know what there was out there. All we knew was that we wanted to visit the beach, tan, eat yummy food, relax, and of course have fun.

When we arrived in Mexico, there was a booth selling excursions at the airport. So while we were waiting for our next flight, we were able to get information and talk about the things we wanted to do. It was then that we decided to at least go on the three hour all you can eat/drink cruise to go snorkeling and visit the arches. I wouldn't suggest purchasing the excursions at the airport but waiting until you were in downtown. They have booths all over downtown selling excursions that are willing to give you a good price. I believe we paid $35 a person for this excursion. 

The pictures below were from the little cruise. 

Go to Fish Therapy (aka fish torture)! These fish eat the dead skin from your feet leaving them feeling really soft. Definitely a hilarious and fun experience. 

My last favorite thing I did in Cabo was going to the spa at the hotel. Since it was my birthday, I thought I would spoil and treat myself. I decided to get the PAZ signature massage and it was AMAZING! I also got the Azul deluxe mani pedi too. That was also amazing.  I spent about five hours at the spa getting a massage, mani/ pedi and using their facilities. They had a hot and cold tub with comfortable lounge chairs, soft lighting and music. It was such a serene experience. 

Due to privacy, I wasn't able to take a picture of the spa but if you happen find yourself at Cabo Azul, I would recommend their spa services. It was so relaxing!

Here is a picture of our beautiful hotel pool. We also spent majority of our time here (mostly because the pool bar). Yum, sun and fun!


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